Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting some joy out of a stick

Hi guys,

I've just picked a joystick up that I've bought from a site like ebay. This is the first one of two that will be used for the midi controller...

It's a trust joystick with 6 axes and 12 buttons. But for some reason my software picks up 7 axes and 13 buttons, so that gives me a mission to exploit that! with a little luck I find two extra unused connectors inside of the joystick!

trust joystick
trust usb joystick

I already had a joystick a trustmaster topgun fox2pro usb joystick, but that one cost me over €50 (+/-60$) so I won't be using that one. The reason I mention this is because both joysticks helped me determine if the software could handle two joysticks at the same time. and guess what, it does!
(btw, you really feel that the trustmaster is way more decent then the trust.. the trust uses suckers to keep in place whereas the trustmaster has weights inside to be more steady!)

trustmaster joystick
Trustmaster usb joystick

This is a very welcome event because that means there isn't much left that would make my project fail.

You might remember I said a goal of making that midi-controller (that everyone could make) for less than 20€. Well, the original idea was to use just 1 joystick for that. but having 13 buttons and 6 axes might not be enough for some of you, that's why I decided to add an other controller. I did this for a few other reasons as well:

-you now can control two programs without interference
-you can add multiple effects
-the second controller is a playstation2 controller, a big advantage because everyone can find one of those..
-it makes the controller a decent competition for other midi-controller out there that cost over 120..

Now because of those huge benefits I've chosen to use two of them, leaving me with not much money left.. This controller cost me €5 second hand. The other controller will be a new one and costs me €10. I'm starting to doubt the possibility to get all faders and knobs we'll use for €5..

Dough I am confident that when you use only one controller (playstation controller, 6 axes, 10 buttons) you can make the controller for €20 with faders, knobs, and case!

So I'm hoping to get everything under €20, you better start praying for me ;-)

P.S.: when I was testing the 2 controllers I noticed that my trustmaster didn't respond on one channel.. I made it open and saw a connection was broken, fairly easy to make. But I'll be making a video of it so anyone can make his joystick..



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als het af is, kom k u bezoeken!



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vind ik leuk

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