Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coding, it's a funny world

hi guys,

I'm checking in to tell you there isn't much to say here.. xD

At the moment I'm using the joystick to see what the possibilities are.
For this I'm rewriting some code, which is hard because I never used C or C++ before..

Where do I stand? I already managed to change the buttons behavior.
They used to change the channel, but just yesterday I managed to let them play notes. (But they don't stop playing after that, but I'm working on that!)

As you might know the joystick's input is changed to the MIDI protocol, which I sniffed out to find what I was looking for.

Be sure to check the site every so often, because there is going to be tons of useful info here! Every day I notice new things that should be documented better.


I'll write a post soon with more info about installing Linux as a program on windows, and after that the world is yours to start experimenting with it!

keep tuned!


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