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A while ago I realized that studying is even more expensive than I thought it would be. So I went to look for a studentjob. Now I can tell you this: It sucks! BIGTIME! I'm not a dumb person and I agree that the kind of studentjob you do isn't the same thing as your real life job. But still: me working as a cashier = NOT a good idea.

So I went to a Interim Bureau but it was pretty much the same here. As I am a technical person it's not my thing! After checking a dozen of vacatures on the web I found (dutch for: rent a student). I subscribed.

Now recently I had a mail that they were searching for a student who could make a webshop for these two girls. These girls make the most awesome T-shirts in the world and want to start selling them online. (when the site is ready I'll certainly add a link to it)

Now you all must know that I don't have much experience of webshops, apart from a template I once altered none to be fair..

To Do
So Since I'm going to test 13 different Shopping Cart Systems I need a fast and secure way to set these up. So I'm going to:
- set up a (virtual) webserver
- test all 13 shopping cart systems
- pick the best one
- reinstall the best one
Whitout a doubt: after testing how good it is, it'll be screwed like hell!
- make it look good!
- install the wanted modules
- make sure all everything is set up
- add the content

Now the goals are clear when you read this, we're searching for:
- a good looking webshop
- capable of running without problems
- easy to maintain by people with little or no website skills
- a logical interface
- a simple to use front end

All content handling this project will be added here, can also find all info about this by searching for the Webshop tag

Part 1: Anouncement

Stay Tuned


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