Friday, November 19, 2010

Cheapest usb midi mixer I could find.

Hi guys,
I was just looking at some midi mixers. I've noticed that the cheapest once are those who only have usb.

There were two wo took my intrest:
the Behringer BCR 2000 B-Control Rotary USB Midi Controller

but at €139 that's a lot of money if you're just starting.

behringer BCR2000

The other one was the Miditech MTB Command "Black" USB Midi Controller
at €148.

Miditech MTB command black usb midi controller

Again this isn't cheap. There's even more, the Miditech device has 17 analog controls and a jog-wheel, which you could call semi-analog. (more about this in the MIDI tutorial)
The Behringer has 32 analog controls but no linear faders, only knobs..
Anyway, both these devices (esp. the Behringer) are really really sharp priced!(but you might even find them cheaper on ebay) Still this is a huge amount of money, considering we'll be making a mixer with 11 analog controls for only 20€ (27$). And not just any mixer, a mixer in which you control how your knobs or fader should go!

Wondering what the benefits are of a custom mapping?
Well some of you might want to use it to record a performance of there musicgroup, they don't need to have control about the monitor and the record signal, a monitor would be useless, they are performing life!

But others among you might want to sing a duet, they need a monitor signal of there voice so they can hear te music and there voice at the same time!
for them a control surface with two channels might be prefert. They can use the other controls (2 left per channel) to control there gain and there fader.

Stay tuned,
this tutorial will be shockingly simple!


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