Project List

Here you'll find all my projects that or on my 'to do' list.
Now I'll definitely do most of these projects but the content might change as time progresses. With this I mean that 'building the R8.8 biocat' might change to 'building a catamaran'. I've sorted them by the time until the project starts.

Within 1 year
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Sailboat
- Restauration of my brAun 199 (old tube amp radio)
- Arduino (will be used as an addition to the brAun)
- Midi controller (in the OSS/RS project)

Within 3 years
- Easyglider (my first RC plane, crashed..)
- R8.8 BioCat (A catamaran based on the design of the Audi R8)
- Uselessbox (The most useless machine ever, yet everyone wants one)
- Tablet (Now this one is a long shot, but if I find the time and the money to do it I will!)
-ARM (Arduino uses an AVR micro-controller, next step would be these kind of guys, I've got an STM32 dev. board lying around here but I have no clue where to start.)

I'll add more details about these projects along the way.

Stay tuned


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