Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's been a while

hey guys,

I know you all must hate me by now.
Yes it is way to long ago since I said I was going to make the tutorials but guess what, I'm working on it!

Today I was going to record the audio for it since the movies are basically ready. But when I plugged in my mic I wasn't getting any audio! apparently my microphone input is broken & the microphone in my laptop case is a hell to listen to.

So I was searching to a way to overcome this and I found the old singstar sound module. So I put it in my laptop, connected the mic and I had sound! YES

But Murphy is an ass! When I started audacity the top menubar was gone, this is a bug since ubuntu 10.10 apparently and I hope it will be fixed soon. I overcame this problem myself now by editing a certain file.

I'm not going to record it now, but I will tomorrow. As a matter of fact my classes start at 12.50 tomorrow so I will use all my time before noon to get the first two vids up.


see you tomorrow.


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