Monday, December 20, 2010

New project announcement: Webshops!

Hi guys

Webshops! that's what this is going to be about.
Now we all know what the reason is people start up a webshop: They want to make money out of it. But there are tons of them, either paying or free, open-source or closed-source.

Now the reason I'm doing this is that I need money.. Yet I'm not going to build a shop for myself! I don't even have stuff that I could sell so what's the point of it?

read all about it at the Decent Open-Source Webshop page




Anonymous said...


just wanted to ask, if zen-cart (.com) is one of those 13, since its the one i'v tried out myself, and it's decent.
Anyhow, would like to see your comments on webshops in that big test, to know if theres anything comparable out there. Even names of them would be intresting to know, since i dont know so many webshops.

Also, home studio is interesting to me too although i probably will not build any (midi) devices myself. but if you make it seem simple enough, then who knows.

So keep on posting!


Woutervddn said...

yup.. zen-cart is in it.
Although I've choosen another one.

Stay tuned, the first post of this topic is comming fast ;-)


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