Friday, January 21, 2011

Moving out?

Hi guys,

I am wondering to move out..
Not from my house that is but from blogger.

I'd like have things a little more customized. And although it's free I'd like to move away blogger.

I was thinking about a wordpress-blog hosted via or something. I'm not particularly liking but they are cheap! It would also be a very nice way to experiment with things. And to show you guys what I'm working on.

I'd love to hear your reactions and ideas about this.

Could we get this thing up and running?

let me know ;-)




coldman said...

Don't go to use versio or antagonist instead => better support and they ask if you want to extend your account.

Woutervddn said...


Thanks for your advice, I'll check those. was the first host I found that is really cheap. I hate some things about them though. Like their not working live support and the fact that the file manager (when you don't use FTP) only works with Internet Explorer..

Once again thanks for your advice!

Woutervddn said...

it became versio.. :) thx for the advice ;)

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